Admission of Special Students
  • Those who have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree program and would like to improve his/her knowledge on a particular issue can apply as a special student for two courses at most within the limits of the quotas announced by the administrative board of the Social Sciences Institute. Administrative board of the Institute evaluates applications and makes admission decisions.

  • Special students cannot benefit from regular student rights, but they are required to comply with the regulations regarding students’ conduct and duties. Special students must fulfill the requirements of those courses for which they are registered.

  • In cases where special students are admitted in graduate programs through the regular admission procedures, they can transfer credits from those courses that are related to the major in which the graduate program is offered. Credit transfer applies to courses that are completed in the last three years. Credit transfer is conditional on the related department’s recommendation and the decision of the administrative board of the Institute.

  • Special students do not receive diplomas or academic titles, but they receive documentation showing the courses they have completed and the grades they received in those courses. This documentation also indicates special student status.