Master’s Degree with Thesis


Application to and Admission in Masters Degree With Thesis Programs


Documents required for application to master’s degree with thesis programs :

  • ALES (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Test) score document with a minimum of 65 standard points.

  • The original or notary certified copy of undergraduate diploma

    • If the undergraduate degree diploma is received in a foreign country, a certificate of equivalence issued by the Turkish Higher Education Council is also required.

  • The original or notary certified copy of undergraduate transcript

If the applicant did not receive his/her undergraduate degree at Gazi University, his/her graduation grades will be recalculated according to the grade conversion table of the university he/she graduated from.

  • If available, the original or notary certified copy of the foreign language test score document (UDS, KPDS, or other test if its equivalency is recognized by the Interuniversity Council). 

(Foreign Language Equivalency Table)

  • Certified copy of the National ID card with T.C. ID number

  • 2 portrait pictures

  • E-mail address

Other requirements are to be determined and announced by the Social Sciences Institute Administrative Board.


Admission in Master’s Degree with Thesis Programs :

Applicants are ranked according the weighted average of their ALES score (50%), undergraduate degree graduation point average (15%), and if available, foreign language test score (15%), and those who will be accepted to the written exam are determined according to the following criteria: the number of applicants who will be accepted to the written exam cannot be more than three times the available/announced quota for a particular doctoral degree program.


After the written exam, each applicant’s final admission score is calculated in the following way :


  • *Foreign language score is considered 0 if no applicable test score is available.

  • The announced quota for each master’s degree program is filled by ranking the applicants according to their final admission scores. No applicants are admitted above the announced quota.

  • Those applicants whose final admission score is below 60 points are considered unsuccessful and are not admitted to the master’s degree program for which they have applied.

  • Those applicants whose final admission scores are equal are ranked first by their ALES scores, than by their undergraduate degree graduation point averages, and finally by their written exam or foreign language test scores.

  • Those applicants who did not take the written exam are not considered for admission.


Documents required for final registration :

  • 4 portrait pictures

  • Bank receipt showing that the student tuition is paid.

  • Residency document

  • ID number and one portrait picture scanned as jpg file and saved on a CD.

  • E-mail address